Hotel review: Scandic Ørnen in Bergen


Scandic Ørnen in Bergen is a pretty new hotel focusing on the conference market in Bergen. Unfortunately it was a bit too obvious for us this at this stay.

Upon booking we wanted one or two nights close to Bergen train station due to logistics and parkring. We also wanted air condition and breakfast included – and used to search for hotels. Not many options came up, but Scandic Ørnen was one of the top hotels The price was ok, and the choice fell on a superior room for a few hundreds NOK more than the alternatives. Just a few days earliger we tested the Zander K in Bergen which is located in approximately the same area, only on the other side of the train station.

The hotel is located quite centrally on the south side of Lille Lungegårdsvann, right by Bergen station, Bygarasjen (parking) and Bystasjonen (bus station). Just down the street is also Grieghallen (the Grieg Hall). Torgalmenningen and Bryggen is a short walk away, about 10-15 minutes. We arrived by car and were going on the next morning, so parking at Bygarasjen was spot on.


The hotel is quite new, lots of glass and metal and really nice. But it lacks a bit of soul and personality.

Check-in went very well and nice staff gave us a nice room that should be far from the elevators and stairs. Our room was as far as possible from the elevators and had a nice view over the city.

The room was quite small though. No problem with two people and little luggage for one night, but to be superior room, it was not that big. Same for the bathroom, but efficent use of space, and no problem.

Temperature – again

At the same time, the first thing we noticed was that the temperature in the room was too high. At least it was not air conditioned. With potential evening sun directly against large windows, all curtains were drawn to keep the heat out during the hours we were to spend outside the hotel. Another disappointing thing was how noise travelled through the walls between the rooms. The room next door had a party at 6.30 om, and they were pretty noisy.

When we arrived back at the hotel around 10.30 pm we had to check the sleep quality: Noise, light, temperature and the quality of the bed.

The room next door stilk had a party and there was no way we could sleep. Actually I went down to the reception to get a new room, but fortunately the party just left the hotel. Allthough – pretty disappointing with a lot of noise between rooms in a brand new hotel.


Silence at last, and the first factor to check out was light. Unlike Zander K, reviewed just a few days earlier, there were pretty big gaps between the curtains and the floor, and a lot of light leaks into the room.

And once again, unfortunately a recurring problem at hotels: It’s way too hot! This evening it was first sunny, then several hours of cloudy weather and a some rain, and we had used the curtains to keep the heat out. Still, it was too hot in the room and no possibility to adjust it any more. New, great hotel and too hot – just not good enough!

Last checkpoint was bed, pillows and duvets. Top score! The beds are one of the best ever tested in Norway!

Luckily the party did not come back so it was an ok night’s sleep, but too hot and a little too bright.

Chaotic breakfast


In the morning it was time to check out the next highlight of a hotel stay: The breakfast.

Scandic Ørnen Bergen did not make any booking of time for breakfast. A bit strange since the hotel was fully booked and potentially chaotic during peak hours in the morning.

And to be honest: Chaos is a descriptive word, and during a pandemic it was to chaotic. Distance? No way.

The breakfast itself was very goog, and we did not miss anything. The atmosphere was stressful though, with so many people at once and a pandemic in mind.

Scandic Ørnen is a safe choice in many ways, especially if you like large conference hotels with impersonal rooms and common areas. If you like a little more personality and charm, Zander K and Grand Hotel Terminus are better choices.

But a lovely bed. One of the best beds tested.